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February Screenplays of the Month Announced

It’s that time again, folks! Give a round of applause (and a review, maybe?) for the official Script Mother February Screenplays of the month!


Television Pilot: “Briarwood” by Abby LaMarre

Logline: When an orphan travels to a gothic Texas town to reconnect with his familial roots, he unintentionally reignites a century long battle between witches and their hunters.

This script is fantastic. As a show, it has an identity.
— Caleb Densman, Script Mother Review

Short: “Bop” by Brent Woodroof

Logline: A washed-up boxing trainer finds new hope in an unlikely protege: An inflatable bop clown.

Your script is fun, you’re well on your way to making it really good and original.
— Timothy Boissey, Script Mother Review


Feature: “What We Did That Summer” by Nick Romantini

Logline: Three 12 year-old boys get lost while camping in the woods and must put aside their differences to find their way home the hard way while also learning about friendship, survival, and growing up.

The screenplay is a nice read and the story has great potential.
— Damian Rzymski, Script Mother Review

There would be no Screenplays of the Month without you, the reviewer. Thank you for all you do. Currently, there are plenty of scripts hanging out in our Script Bank waiting for a review. Earn some credits today and claim one to review! Who knows… maybe you could find next month’s winner…

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